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The Role of Firearms in Crime in South Africa A Detailed Analysis of Police Dockets

"Police dockets provide one of the few comprehensive sources of information from which to draw a broad range of data on firearm-related crimes. In this research, it was found that docket analysis as a source was limited by the incomplete evidence co…

Expanding Fiscal Space for Social Protection: The Case for Adolescent-oriented Services

This brief focuses on fiscal space for adolescent-oriented services (notably in health and education) within the broader social protection framework. There are several reasons for focusing on adolescent services in Uganda, including their increasing…

The Rebirth: Tunisia’s Potential Development Pathways to 2040

This report analyses Tunisia’s most likely Current Path development trajectory post COVID-19, and the impact of three alternative scenarios. The Growth-led scenario simulates a future where Tunisia pursues economic growth at all costs. The Leapfro…

Community Response to Localization of Sustainable Development Goals: A Profile of Relevant Indicators in Uganda

The SDG are clear on ending hunger and poverty in all forms, achieving food security, improving nutrition, promoting sustainable agriculture, ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all, providing inclusive and equitable high-quality education and…

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