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Les Institutions Démocratiques ont-elles Failli? Ivoiriens, Guinéens, et Sénégalais à L’épreuve des Troisièmes Mandats qu’ils Rejettent / Have Democratic Institutions Failed? Ivorians, Guineans and Senegalese put the Rejected Third Mandate to the Test

Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, and Senegal have in common their history as former French colonies. They share French as an official language and have very similar political and institutional structures. These three countries in West Africa have obtained the…

La Démocratie Guinéenne est-elle Piégée? / Is Guinean Democracy Trapped?

Guinea has just adopted a new Constitution following the controversial referendum of 22 March 2020, which was coupled with legislative elections leading to the establishment of a new National Assembly. This double ballot was boycotted by many Guinea…

Tunisie: La Démocratie à L’épreuve de la Transition Économique / Tunisia: A Democracy Tested by Economic Transition

Tunisia recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the revolution that put an end to the old Beninese regime and defined the principles of the Second Republic. With economic growth and social justice as its main grievances, the Tunisian revolution…

Démocratie en Côte d’Ivoire: Mythe ou Réalité? / Democracy in Côte d'Ivoire: Myth or Reality?

Democracy is a mode of governance by which the people decide to shape their future. It thus embodies the expression of the recognition of the rule of law and human rights. Since the 1990s, African states have massively adhered to this model of gover…

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