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The Impact of Democracy in Mozambique: Assessing political, social and economic developments since the dawn of democracy

"Does democracy enhance the process of development in Mozambique? This report attempts to answer this question through analysing different types of data. Specifically, it examines how democratic institutions have increased accountability and efficie…

The Power of Demonstration: To Increase Resilience, Democracy must be Shown to Work

This policy brief examines what recent global political trends portend for the prospects of democratic consolidation in Africa. With focused analyses of three bellwether states—Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa—it will provide a schematic summary o…

South Africa in Southern Africa

South Africa accounts for about 80 percent of the economy of the 15-member Southern African Development Community (SADC) and about 20 percent of its population. However, the adoption by Tshwane of a legitimate leadership role within SADC should be …

The Purpose of Multilateralism: A Framework for Democracies in a Geopolitically Competitive World

Across the globe, multilateralism appears in crisis. Skepticism of the benefits of a multilateral order grounded in underlying liberal principles is manifesting throughout the Western world. The United States, the system’s imperfect cornerstone, sco…

Decentralisation in Uganda: Trends, Achievements, Challenges and Proposals for Consolidation

This report examines the inception and implementation of the decentralisation policy in Uganda and proposes somes reforms. It is an outcome of a comprehensive study of how the decentralisation policy was implemented. It seeks to appraise the practic…

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