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The rocky path from elections to a new constitution in Tunisia: Mechanisms for consensus-building and inclusive decision-making

"This paper outlines some of the innovative mechanisms for consensus-building and inclusive decision-making deployed in Tunisia since the 2011 elections. Much interest has been generated by the Yemeni national dialogue, with countries from Libya to …

Managing Democracy : A Review of SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections

"This is a review of major regional initiatives for best election practices in the SADC region with special focus on the SADC election principles. The paper provides some analytical insights into a deeper understanding of the significance and meanin…

Liberia The 23 August 2011 Referendum The 11 October 2011 Presidential, Senate and House of Representatives Elections The 8 November 2011 Presidential Run off Election

"On the basis of its observations and information received from stakeholders in Liberia, and based on the benchmarks provided in the AU Declaration on the Principles Governing Democratic Elections in Africa, the Declaration of Principles on Internat…

Taming the beast in us: 2018

Following a desktop research and in-depth interviews of key informants, this paper provides an overview of Zimbabwe’s political and electoral landscape as the country prepares for the harmonized elections. Focus is placed on discussing and assessin…

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