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Dilemmas of Political Transition: Towards Institutionalisation of Multiparty Democracy In Tanzania

"The paper identifies Tanzania’s democracy as an electoral democracy that is consolidating, albeit at a snail’s pace and despite the numerous challenges it continues to face. Since the introduction of multiparty politics Tanzania is, still going th…

Negotiating the impasse: Challenges and prospects for democratisation in Zimbabwe

"The monograph is presented in 6 sections. It begins by locating the study within a historical background in order to provide an overarching political framework, which will give readers the perspective and contextual understanding of the findings pr…

Multiparty Democracy and Elections in Namibia

"This monograph has examined various democratic processes and the consolidation of democracy in Namibia with specific reference to the most recent 2004 election process. The data indicates that Namibia is on it's way to being a strong democracy, alt…

Summary Paper on Democratic Assistance

"This debate is started off with the examining of the causal relation between political aid and the transition to democracy in Africa. It systematically draws out other arguments on the issue of foreign assistance, democratization and elections. Th…

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