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La Trajectoire de Décarbonisation du Maroc - Première Partie : Introduction à L'étude Conjointe / Morocco’s Decarbonization Pathway Part I: Introduction to a Joint Study

As part of its overall vision of sustainable development, Morocco intends to continue its efforts to combat climate change in order to ensure the transition to a low-carbon development model that is resilient to the negative impacts of climate chang…

La Trajectoire de Décarbonisation du Maroc - 2ème Partie: Scénarios de Décarbonisation Actualisés / Morocco’s Decarbonization Pathway Part II: Updated Decarbonization Scenarios

The consequences of climate change are becoming progressively more visible in Morocco. Changes in rainfall patterns and drought, increases in average temperatures and heatwaves, flooding, and rising sea levels are increasingly affecting several regi…

La Trajectoire de Décarbonisation du Maroc - 3ème Partie: Coûts et Avantages de la Transition Énergétique / Morocco’s Decarbonization Pathway - Part III: The Costs and Benefits of the Energy Transition

Morocco's significant renewable energy resources offer an unprecedented opportunity to anchor the country’s economic and political choices in the energy transition, and to turn the transition into an essential lever for economic development. This is…

La Trajectoire de Décarbonisation du Maroc – 4ème Partie: Recommandations Politiques / Morocco’s Decarbonization Pathway - Part IV: Policy Recommendations

As decarbonization is a long-term process and requires significant investments, specific financial and non-financial measures will need to be implemented, both in the short and long term, to facilitate this transition. In Part II of Morocco’s decarb…

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