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Anti-Terrorism Measures in South Africa: Suspicious Transaction Reporting and Human Rights

The consistent increase in terrorist acts continues to be a major drawback to the development of countries. Terrorism became a serious risk and poses a huge threat to society. There are two factors that exacerbate this threat: first is the challeng…

Intelligence Artificielle et Cyber-colonisation: Implications sur l’Afrique / Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-colonization: Implications for Africa

Technologies related to Artificial Intelligence have an influential and transformative power that is increasingly felt by African populations and therefore constitute an important lever for development. However, this digital ecosystem, even though i…

Oslo Forum 2019: Rebooting Mediation: Connecting Tracks, Processes and People

The seventeenth Oslo Forum brought together about 120 of the world’s leading peacemakers, decision-makers, conflict actors and academics, gathering people of 48 nationalities. This year’s overarching theme was Rebooting mediation: connecting tracks,…

Cyber Diplomacy and Africa's Digital Development

Cyber diplomacy is the recognition that cyberspace is an environment in which digital superpowers and their proxies can project power and influence. African states must scale up their engagement to articulate clearly the continent’s priorities. …

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