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The Global Economic and Financial Crisis: An Overview of the Effects on African Countries

"In the wake of the current global financial crisis, experts and analysts agreed that the initial effects on African financial sectors will be minimal because of the limited exposure to the international financial markets. However, African countries…

Effects of Budget Deficits on the Current Account Balance in Nigeria: A Simulation Exercise

"This paper examines the effect of budget deficit on the current account balance in Nigeria, covering the period from 1973 to 1993. This is motivated by the fact that the magnitude of government has increased with amazing rapidity since the early 19…

A Tightening Balancing Act: Economic Implications of Zambia's Balance of Payments Performance

International trade, development and investment are primary drivers of globalization. In 2014, Zambia’s trade openness – in terms of total monetary flows on all export and import transactions combined – was estimated at 79.6% of GDP while the total …

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