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Cultural Diversity in Peace Operations: Training Challenges

"The aim of this paper is to analyse what kind of mindset, skills and knowledge peacekeepers have to obtain, to become competent in unfamiliar multicultural contexts, and to explore how this competence might possibly be acquired through training. Th…

African Journal on Conflict Resolution vol. 7, no. 2, 2007

"This issue is the second special edition. What readers will find in this issue, are frank descriptions and discussions of the divisiveness and belligerency that may be caused or propagated by any obsession with identity. When leaders and followers …

African-centred Solutions for Peace and Security (AfSol): Workshop Report

"The objective of the workshop was to define and refine the concept of AfSol (African-centred Solutions in Peace and Security) through presentations followed by in-depth discussions and debates. The discussions led to a common understanding on certa…

Plus D’unité Que de Division? Au Cameroun, les Avis Sont Partagés / More Unity than Division? Opinions are Divided in Cameroon

Cameroon is a country rich in culture and tradition. Due to its history of colonisation, French and English are the two official languages, making it one of the most unique countries in Africa. The cultural diversity is the reason why the country is…

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