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Derailed: Transport Politics in Southern Africa

"In December 1986 the Botswana Government announced its decision to suspend indefinitely its projected take-over of a section of the railways from Zimbabwe because of a stalemate over a new train exchange arrangement with the Governments of Zimbab...

Estimating the Informal Cross-border Trade in Central Africa

Cameroon is the largest trading partner of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) countries. Despite belonging to the same sub-regional organization, the formal trade ties between Cameroon and its neighbours have been ham...

Border Economies: Bottlenecks or Growth Zones?

Land borders in the SADC region are critical zones for unlocking economic development, regional value chains and trade. The Beitbridge and Chirundu border posts represent important links in the North–South Corridor and are vital in both regional...

Cross-Border Trade and Food Security in the Ethiopia-Djibouti and Ethiopia-Somalia Borderlands

"Trade between countries in the Horn of Africa is largely unofficial and unrecorded. The recent recorded data show that Ethiopia's trade with its neighboring countries is very little and is limited to some manufactured imports from Kenya and vege...

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