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Regional Cross Border Trade Stakeholder Dialogue

"The dialogue focused on the following critical issues: I. The TFTA and its negotiation processes, II. The Southern African Development Community Free Trade Area (SADC FTA) III. The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), and IV.…

Cross‐Border Livestock Trade and Food Security in the Southern and Southeastern Ethiopia Borderlands

"The objective of this study is to characterise and analyse the process of cross‐border livestock trade between Ethiopia and Kenya and the southeastern part of the Ethiopia Somalia borderlands. The study looks at the relationship between cross‐bord…

Sustainability Standards, SMEs and GVCs: Recommendations for the G20

Participation in global value chains (GVCs)2 by developing countries is limited but holds substantial growth prospects. South Africa and Kenya have the potential to steer regional integration opportunities and act as gateways to favourable investme…

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