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Public Dialogue; Cross Border Migration and the Portability of Social Security Benefits

The purpose of the dialogue was to discuss the critical issues from the increased movement of people in the region in general and South Africa in particular and how these affect their entitlement and access to social protection.

Food Remittances: Migration and Food Security in Africa

Cash remittances have grown rapidly over the past two decades and are now at an all-time high. The World Bank estimates that international remittances reached USD436 billion in 2014, and predicts that they will increase to USD601 billion in 2016....

Linking Migration, Food Security and Development, 2012

Two issues have recently risen to the top of the international development agenda: (a) Food Security; and (b) Migration and Development. Each has its own global agency champions, international gatherings, national line ministries and body of re...

Migration, Remittances and Development in Southern Africa

Remittances by migrants are now a focus of attention of governments and development agencies worldwide. Globally, cash remittances by international migrants now exceed $250 billion per annum, easily outweighing the value of development assistance....

The New Brain Drain from Zimbabwe

All the signs point to the existence of a growing exodus of skilled Zimbabweans from the country. Although the precise dimensions and impacts of this “brain drain” have yet to be determined, the Zimbabwean government has recently sought to stem th...

NEPAD, the City and the Migrant: Implications for Urban Governance

This policy briefly questions the ability of formal developmental interventions to understand local contexts, and, by extension, govern urban spaces. It interrogates the relevance and implications of initiatives like the New Partnership for Africa...

Gambians see Sharp Decline in Emigration, Though Interest in Leaving Remains High

Migration is a high-profile issue in the Gambia, especially irregular low-skilled emigration beyond the borders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year autocratic regime, characterized by poverty and poor...

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