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What are the Major Trends and Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in SADC Countries?

"The 1990s witnessed an investment trend involving African firms investing in other African countries, notably from South Africa and Mauritius. This represents a clear indication of a new form of cross-border economic interaction. Privatisation has …

Norms, Networks, Power and Control: Understanding Informal Payments and Brokerage in Cross-border Trade in Sierra Leone

Governance practices in peripheral regions of low-income countries often diverge dramatically from statutory rules, with actual governance often representing a hybrid of formal rules and informal practices that are often highly normalized and widely…

Border Economies: Linkages to the Development of Trade Corridors and Regional Value Chains in SADC

Land borders in the SADC region are critical zones for unlocking economic development, regional value chains and trade. It is at the borders that many issues related to regional integration intersect. In this light, this paper examines two case stu…

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