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Confronting the Proceeds of Crime in Southern Africa An Introspection

"Prevention is intricately connected to the enforcement of the law against money laundering itself. Included under the structure of law enforcement is the requirement to define and criminalise money laundering connected to as wide a range of economi…

Penetrating State and Business Organised Crime in Southern Africa Volume 1

"Chapter 1 of this volume is the only one that is not country specific. It offers a perspective of the historical development of organised crime in the region. It suggests that the turmoil and dislocation that occurred during some of the postindepe…

Cross Border Criminal Activities in West Africa : Options for Effective Responses

"The aim of this paper is to explore particular cross-border crimes in West Africa, and recommend options for effective responses. In doing this, it seeks to: (a)identify and discuss the different categories of cross-border crime; (b)examine the act…

Community Engagement in Fighting Transnational Organised Crime in the Liptako-Gourma

Although transnational organised crime (ToC) has, for decades, been going on in the three-border region spanning Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger (known as the LiptakoGourma), analyses show that socio-economic vulnerabilities and state criminalisation …

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