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Climate Change in Ghana: Impacts on Agriculture and the Policy Implications

The five papers in this volume represent a selection of ongoing research on climate change in Ghana. They focus exclusively on agriculture given its significance in Ghana's economy. The lead off paper is by Ferdinand Mawunya and Samuel Adiku and is …

Climate Instability and Agricultural Productivity in Africa: Cross-Country Evidence

This paper analyzes the impact of rainfall instability on crop yield in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using a large panel of African countries over a sufficiently long period and relying on a very large dataset assembled for the agricultural sector in Africa,…

The Impact of Land Conflict on Land Productivity: Evidence from Liberia - Research Paper

This paper examines both the correlates of land conflict and the effects of this conflict on crop yields, farmers’ investments in permanent trees and crops. The productivity effects of land conflict are estimated at the town-level, taking into accou…

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