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Effects of Input Subsidies on Subsistence Crop Acreage Diversity in Botswana

This paper examines the patterns and determinants of crop acreage diversity in Botswana’s subsistence economy for the period 1978/79-2013/14. Primarily, the paper is geared at determining whether Botswana’s input subsidy programs (ARAP and ISPAAD)…

The Rise of Soya in Zambia and the Integration of Smallholder Farmers

After six decades of policy experimentation, and efforts to promote economic diversification and reduce the country’s overreliance on copper mining, Zambia has failed to fully capitalise on the country’s agricultural potential. Endowed with agricul…

Panel Data Analysis of a Crop Diversification Strategy in South-Western and Northern Uganda

This study contributes to the evidence on the impact of agricultural policies and programmes on nutritional outcomes at the household level. We specifically examined the effect of adoption of crop diversification on household and child nutrition out…

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