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Relations Maroc-Afrique Sub Saharienne: quel Bilan pour les 15 dernières Années ? / Morocco-Sub-Saharan Africa Relations: What does the Assessment/Balance Sheet for the last 15 years Reveal?

As part of its bilateral cooperation, Morocco has taken steps to develop its trade and investment in Sub Saharan African countries. The objective of this report is to analyze the economic impact of the efforts made in this direction by the Kingdom...

Analyse Comparative des Déterminants de la Croissance des pays de l’UEMOA et des pays à forte Croissance / Comparative Analysis Determinants of the Growth of the WAEMU and Countries with High Growth

This article makes a comparative analysis of some determinants of economic growth in the countries of the West African Economic Monetary Union and in the countries with strong economic growth in order to propose economic policy measures for the re...

Les Imperatifs de Capacités en Science, Technologie et innovation dans les pays Africains: Cas du Togo / The Requirements of Capacities in Science, Technology and Innovation in African Countries: Case of Togo

Togo has a National Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy based on the priorities defined by the Strategy for Accelerated Growth and Employment Promotion (SCAPE 2013-2017) in the field of research and development, one of the factors of m...

Investir sur le capital humain: Education et Santé / Investing in Human Capital: Education and Health

Development strategies and policies have always sought to identify the key variable to accelerate wealth creation and thus raise the well being of populations. The focus has been put on the accumulation of physical capital, labor, natural resourc...

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