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Programme d'Ajustement Sectoriel Agricole PASA Lettre de Politique de Developpement Agricole LPDA / Agricultural Sector Adjustment Programme PASA Policy Briefing for Agricultural Development LPDA

"The main objectives of the agricultural sector consistent with the macroeconomic framework are: A sustained agricultural growth of 4% per year; Improving food security; Increased rural income and employment generation. Achieving these objectives wi…

Transformation de l'Agriculture Senegalaise: Impact d'un Programme Integre / Transformation of Agriculture in Senegal: Impact of an Integrated Program

For developing countries, especially those in sub-Saharan Africa, agriculture has always had an undeniable economic and social importance. But this importance has increased since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the United Nations (UN) Su…

Contribution des Facteurs et de la Productivité Globale des facteurs à la Croissance Agricole au Maroc: une Evaluation comparée Intersectorielle et inter pays

Morocco's economic and social progress depends on growth objectives in agriculture, a priority sector in development strategies and policies. Moreover, the gains in total factor productivity are decisive for the improvement of the standard of living…

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