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Le COVID-19, une Menace à la Paix et à la Sécurité Internationales? / COVID-19, a Threat to International Peace and Security?

The Corona virus has left humanity helpless and helpless to deal with it. States reacted to it in dispersed ranks, without any coordination, and the International organizations have limited themselves to alerting and inciting states to take the nece…

Covid-19, Quelles Répercussions pour les Pays en Développement ? / Covid-19, What Are the Implications for Developing Countries?

The crisis created by COVID-19 has changed the order of the world economy. It shows how highly interdependent vulnerable economies are and how unprepared they are for a health shock of this magnitude. Even developed countries and the world's major e…

Adaptation, Innovation, Agilité, Créativité et Efficacité: Les 5 Piliers de la relance et de la Construction du Modèle de Développement National Post COVID-19

The translated title in English is as follows: [Adaptation, Innovation, Agility, Creativity and Efficiency: The 5 Pillars of the Revival and Construction of the Post COVID-19 National Development Model] The Covid-19 pandemic has severely hit the hea…

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