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The State of the Region Security Sector Governance in Southern Africa

"The aim of this conference was to explore dynamics that influence the democratic governance of the security sector in Southern Africa. The 1990s was a period of democratic transition for many states in Southern Africa. These transitions often en...

African Counter-Terrorism Legal Frameworks a Decade After 2001

"This monograph seeks to explain why rates of ratification, although higher immediately after 2001, are generally low in Africa, and are subject to such regional variation. On the basis that ratification of instruments may be an important componen...

The Theory and Practice of Criminal Justice in Africa

"In this monograph, four eminent critics and researchers examine the theory and practice of criminal justice in Africa.This monograph provides us with an important opportunity to engage in the debate through exploring various themes on the express...

Sierra Leone A Country Review of Crime and Criminal Justice, 2008

"The overall objective of this study was to generate data and information that can be used to review the scale of crime and the criminal justice system in Sierra Leone, one of the African countries undergoing the African Peer Review Mechanism (APR...

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