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Mapping Crime Networks in Southern Africa

The purpose of this policy brief is to support policies and measures against organised crime that are comprehensive, effective and sustainable. It specifically looks at the gathering, structuring, interpretation and use of data on crime networks and…

Crime Networks and Governance in Cape Town The Quest for Enlightened Responses

The enduring nature of organised crime in Cape Town is explained in this paper. It explores the impact of crime networks on systems and formal structures of governance. It confirms the findings of earlier research that crime networks may be more…

Towards an Assessment of Organised Crime Networks as Parallel Sovereignties

This policy brief uses a relatively new analytical framework to understand organised crime by arguing that organised crime networks should be understood as alternative or parallel sovereigns. The concept of sovereignty is no longer limited to the s…

Point-Level Analysis of Crime in Khayelitsha: A Critical Review

This report analyses point-level data on murders and robberies for a high-crime community in South Africa to discern spatial trends. It explores the data at a granular level to understand the nature of several hotspots. Issues with the quality of po…

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