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eAfrica: The Electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation, Vol 1, December 2003

Looks at some of the big issues in African agriculture and profiles some important new models of success, including India and Israel. Looks at joint venture successes. Refers to water scarcity options

Avocado Contract Farming in Kenya: Does it Work?

Avocado demand continues to grow locally and globally. Kenya’s export supply is also growing but progress is slow. The international boom in demand coincides with changes to the structure of the international fresh produce market reflecting a move f…

The Dynamics and Role of Gender in High-value Avocado Farming in Kenya

We used two-waves panel data obtained from avocado growers in Murang’a County in Kenya to examine, through the perspective of gender, the dynamics of farmers’ participation in avocado production and marketing organizations (PMOs), and test whether u…

Contract Farming Can Bridge Knowledge and Productivity Gender Gaps: Evidence from an Experimental Study in Benin

Contract farming can improve productivity and the adoption of technology by providing better access to inputs, information, markets, and financial services. Limited evidence exists, however, regarding the role of contract farming in bridging gender …

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