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Construction and Related Services in Botswana

"The purpose of this study is to analyze the performance of the construction sector. It has two specific objectives: to conduct an assessment of policy and performance in the construction sector and to identify reform needs of the sector. To achie...

China in Kenya: Addressing Counterfeit Goods and Construction Sector Imbalances

"China has become a key player in trade, investment and development co-operation in Kenya. Although mainly in the construction and manufacturing sectors, Chinese investments in Kenya have attracted praise and condemnation in equal proportion from...

Goodwill and Hard Bargains: The DRC, China and India

"The economic and political engagement of China and India with the African continent is growing, but the complex dynamics of this engagement, particularly at country-specific level, remain under-researched. This study explores historical, politi...

Acquisition of Technological Capability in Africa: A Case Study of Indigenous Building Materials Firms in Nigeria

"Throughout the world, developing countries are facing severe problems with regard to the supply of building materials, the core of the construction sector. As populations grow and interactions improve and as aspirations to higher living standards...

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