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Angola: Between War and Stalemate - Again?

“Angola’s armies are on the march once more. The long awaited Angolan Army (FAA) offensive against UNITA on the central Plains (‘Planalto’) commenced on 14 September, with the activation of three fronts from the cities of Huambo, Cuito and Malanje...

Heart of Darkness: Politics in Zaire

The continuing conflict in Zaire and the disintegration of that country’s political and socio-economic fabric, have their roots in the legacies of colonial rule. After independence in 1960, the political struggle for control of the new state erupt...

SAIIA Southern Africa Record no 62

This Southern Africa Record contains the following texts:SOUTH AFRICA AND SCANDINAVIA: Statement on South Africa from the Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Nordic Countries at Karlshamn; USA, USSR AND AFRICA: Joint Statement of USSR Foreign ...

Climate Change and Conflicts in South Sudan

South Sudan has experienced decades of protracted conflicts, some of which might have been caused in part or exacerbated by climate change and variability. Climate change causes scarcity of resources and forces communities to raid their neighbor...

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