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Mediating to Governments of National Unity – A conflict transformative approach

This brief provides insights into the spate of Governments of National Unity (GNU) emerging in Africa and recommends actions towards sustainable conflict transformation. Establishes that there have been positive developments resulting from GNUs but …

Media graduation from potential to actual power in Africa’s conflict resolution: Experience from the East and Horn of Africa

"The media has for a long time been recognised as a catalyst in the many intra- and inter-state conflicts that have afflicted the African continent. This paper analyses the pre-testing results of a regional media conflict transformation project that…

What Lies Beyond? Delving Below the Surface of Conflict: A Treasure Trove of Exercises, Tools and Perspectives on Transforming Conflict and How we Relate to It

The so-called 'Learning Series on the Nexus between Human Rights and Conflict Transformation' focused on bringing peace practitioners and emerging leaders in human rights in to conversation. Engaging Zimbabwean CSO actors - some with an explicit pu…

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