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Preparing for Peace: The AU Regional Cooperation Initiative for the Elimination of the LRA in Central Africa

"After more than 27 years of protracted atrocities instigated by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which has marauded and pillaged communities and abducted, maimed, displaced and killed civilians, the African Union (AU) regional cooperation strate...

Managing Peace and Security in Africa Essays on Approaches to Interventions in African Conflicts

"This anthology examines five major cases of interventions in African conflicts by third parties either in a mediation role or in a peace enforcement role by a variety of actors ranging from states to regional and continental institutions with var...

A Tree and its Branches... The Eye of a Storm Reflecting Nature in Project Design and Implementation

"Development work all over the world is plagued by two main challenges, that of ensuring the sustainability of a project beyond the funding life span, and transferring ownership of a project from the implementing agency to the communities with who...

Reducing Violence in South Africa: Resourcing Violence Prevention

Government budgets are much like household budgets. In households, we make decisions about how to allocate limited income to buy food, pay for education, transport, childcare and so on. In the same way, a government needs to make decisions about h...

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