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Conflict Trends Issue 4 2003

‘Burundi in 2003: highlights of a 'thorny' road to peace?’ gives a preview of the year 2003 and highlights some of the key attempts undertaken to move to a situation in which peace and stability are not only obtained but sustained. ‘The Machakos Pro…

Zimbabwe's Marange Diamonds and the need for reform of the Kimberley Process

"In November 2011 the Kimberley Process (KP) approved the sale of diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange region. The decision follows two years of contention and debate regarding human rights abuses perpetrated in the mining area and the question of whet…

Dealing for Development? A Study of Diamond Marketing and Pricing in Sierra Leone

"The aim of the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) and thus of this report is to enhance human security in artisanal diamond mining areas, contributing to making artisanal mining less conflict-prone and more beneficial to the labourers, miners, an…

The Social, Economic and Environmental Implications of Diamond Mining in Chiadzwa

"Diamond mining in Chiadzwa started as an illegal activity carried out by members of the community who were attempting to find alternative sources of livelihood. It is said that by 2006, De Beers (a South African Diamond Mining Company) had undertak…

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