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Market Structure and Trade Policy in Developing Countries: A General Equilibrium Approach

"Trade policy analysis has experienced major changes over the last decade on both the theoretical and empirical fronts. The "new" trade theory points out that the presence of imperfect competition in a market renders theoretically ambiguous the magn…

La Libéralisation Commerciale a-t-elle un Impact sur le Comportement des étudiants Sud Africains ? / Does Trade Liberalization have an Impact on the Behavior of South African students?

This paper presents the impact of trade liberalisation on student behaviours in South Africa. We use a dynamic computable general equilibrium model and follow Bourguignon et al(2006) to link the education system and the labour market. Trade liberal…

The Economywide Impact of the COVID-19 in Ethiopia: Policy and Recovery Options

This study assesses the potential economywide impacts of the COVID-19 in Ethiopia. It uses a dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) model calibrated to a social accounting matrix for FY 2010/11 and covers the period from FY 2010/11 to FY 2029/…

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