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Perspectives on Trade, Investment and Competition Policy in South Africa

"In a liberalised trade and investment environment, trade, investment and competition policies together form a specific nexus. South Africa needs foreign direct investment to help address its need for employment creation, growth and development. Tra…

Enforcing Competition Rules in South Africa Thieves at the Dinner Table

"This book is about a public policy intervention – in the form of the Competition Act – that has deep roots in this dominant narrative. In particular, it is rooted in the concentration of ownership of private wealth in the hands of a small number o…

Competition and Trade Policy: The case of the Botswana poultry industry

"The poultry sector is the most successful example of import substitution in Botswana with the country having achieved national self sufficiency. This paper describes the value chain in the industry and shows how, given the small size of the market,…

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