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Re-conceptualization of Wildlife Conservation Toward Resonation between Subsistence and Wildlife

The contents of this book were originally presented on the international workshop held at Nairobi on 7th August 2008. The purpose of these proceedings is to bring some hints for reconceptualization. Chapter 2 deals with community participation. Loca…

Is Community-based Natural Resource Management in Botswana Viable?

"If Botswana is to continue its success story as an African anomaly, it will have to manage its transition to a less diamond-dependent economy skilfully. Until alternative and new sources of economic growth can be found, eco-tourism will be the k…

State of Community-based Natural Resource Management in Southern Africa: Assessing Progress and Looking Ahead

"Since the 1990s the development–conservation paradigm in the Southern African region has shifted from an approach that emphasised centralised management and wildlife protection, to one that better incorporates socio-economic development and promote…

Ensuring Elephant Survival through Improving Community Benefits

"The demand for ivory products exceeds the available supply of elephant tusks, resulting in the extensive illegal killing of elephants. It is therefore imperative that demand-reduction campaigns help consumers to make the link between elephant po…

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