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Energy and Adaptation: Exploring how Energy Access can Enable Climate Change Adaptation

It is widely recognized that it is the poorest people who will be hit first and hardest by the impacts of climate change. Climate variability and change, as well as an increasing frequency and intensity of extreme events, will have substantial impac…

eAfrica: The electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation, Vol 2, May 2004

Reports on the second meeting of the African Partnership Forum which was held from 16-17 April 2011 to discuss issues such as peace and security, HIV/AIDS, food security, education and poverty alleviation. Reflects on some of the issues Zimbabwe has…

Zambia - 1968

Zambia had, by committing without reservation to sanctions against Rhodesia, damaged its economy and caused deteriorating relations with Britain. Although the UN recommended severing economic relations with Rhodesia, Zambia continued importing essen…

Crisis Communication: Radio Tops Zimbabweans' News Sources - Except for ' Other People'

In a crisis, the ability to disseminate information rapidly and effectively can be a matter of life and death. During the COVID-19 pandemic, accurate, timely, and trusted information about the number of cases, ways to prevent infection, government c…

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