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Forces et Faiblesses de la CEDEAO en 2021 / Strengths and Weaknesses of ECOWAS in 2021

This study concerns the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), recalling, first of all, their geographical, demographic and economic diversity. It shows what these states have in common, but also what makes them different. ECOWAS, whic…

Politique Fiscale et Intégration Monétaire au Sein de la Cedeao / Fiscal Policy and Monetary Integration in the ECOWAS

Those with dissenting views regarding the structure of monetary union arrangement in the ECOWAS often argue that the macroeconomic convergence criteria have hampered the ability of countries in the region to stabilize their economies with appropriat…

Maroc-CEDEAO: Comprendre les Réticences pour Mieux les Dépasser / Morocco-ECOWAS: Understanding Reluctance in order to Surpass it

One should bear in mind that joining a group such as ECOWAS, which ensures the free movement of goods, persons and services and aspiring to a single currency regime in 2020 - was not a straightforward matter with regards to the institutional, regula…

La CEDEAO Gagnerait-elle à être Transformée en "Confédération d’États" ? / Will ECOWAS Benefit from Being Transformed into a "Confederation of States"?

The transformation of the Economic Community of Western African States (ECOWAS) into a « Confederation of States » is sometimes considered, including by the Heads of State of the Community, as a natural next step in the process of deeper integration…

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