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Intra-Industry Trade Between Members of the PTA/COMESA Regional Trading Arrangement

"Using available bilateral trade data between members of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) formerly PTA, this study estimated the extent of intra industry trade and the factors that determine this trade in the region. The hy…

Survey of the Capacity Needs of Africa's Regional Economic Communities and Strategies for Addressing them

The second Capacity Survey of the Regional Economic Communities in Africa aims to reassess the capacity needs of the eight RECs in African Union (AU) member states in line with their new strategic thrusts and prospective development imperatives. It …

Étude sur les besoins en Capacités des Communautés Économiques Régionales dʼAfrique et Stratégies pour y faire face / Study on Capacity needs of the Regional Economic Communities of Africa and Strategies to cope

This study deals with the critical problem and urgent need for capacity building in Regional Economic Communities of Africa (RECs), which have been identified as the "bases for construction" of the African Union. RECs also play a central role in the…

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