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Value Addition in Coffee Industry in Kenya: Lessons from Cut Flower Sector

"This paper analyzes the activities and distribution of value added in coffee and cut flower sectors value chains. The performance of the coffee sector has been declining since late 1980s, a complete contrast to the fast growth of cut flower industr…

Looming Long-term Economic Effect of Climate Change on Uganda’s Coffee Industry

Coffee is Uganda’s most valuable agricultural export commodity - it contributed US$ 544 million in 2016/17 (about 20 percent of total export earnings. Furthermore, the crop employs over 3.5 million households. To accelerate social and economic tra…

Value Addition in the Coffee Industry in Kenya: Lessons from the Cut Flower Sector

"The cut flower industry in Kenya is characterised by a number of features which result in the relatively large proportion of value added accruing to farmers. The vertically integrated value chain enables the sector to adjust and respond quickly to…

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