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Harnessing Wind Energy for Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security in Coastal Regions of Ghana: A Policy Perspective

"Agriculture is the mainstay of the economies of many rural coastal communities in Ghana. Due to changing climatic conditions, the economy of these communities is experiencing low productivities that in turn lower their living standards. Poor and ...

Ecosystem-based Adaptation in South African Coastal Cities

Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) is the use of biodiversity and ecosystem services as part of an overall adaptation strategy to help people adapt to the adverse effects of climate change. EbA provides an approach to sustainable development that co...

Building Coastal Resilience Through an Integrated Approach : Lessons from Ghana

"On Ghana’s coast, climate change is affecting ecosystem goods and services and leading to the loss of livelihoods. Unusually high ocean waves are destroying fishing equipment, as well as commercial and public infrastructure. Saline intrusion into...

Resilient Ecosystems and Disaster Risk Reduction: Opportunities for Coastal Cities in Africa

Natural disasters are a threat to both natural and human systems. As a result of climate change, extreme weather events are expected to become more frequent. As climate change will continue having devastating effects on African coastal cities, it ...

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