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Job Destruction in the South African Clothing Industry How an Alliance of Organised Labour, the State and Some Firms is Undermining Labour-Intensive Growth

"Successive government plans emphasise the need for job creation in South Africa, yet industrial and labour market policies are biased against labour-intensive growth. Nowhere is this more evident than in the clothing industry, where employment has …

Policy for Industrial Development: A Case Study of the Clothing Industry in Mauritius

"A major cause of the economic success enjoyed by Mauritius was the rapid growth of the clothing industry. This policy brief presents the key industrial policies responsible for developing the clothing industry. The brief also highlights the challen…

Key Issues in the Textile and Clothing Sector in Botswana

'The paper considers the performance of the textile and clothing sector in Botswana, and reviews various national and international incentive schemes aimed at developing textile and clothing exports. The analysis shows that the policies and preferen…

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