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Climate and Development Outlook: Stories of Change from CDKN Issue No 6

In this edition of Outlook, we are focusing especially on Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS). The first article: “Togo and Cameroon assess their sustainable energy potentials” highlights the finding that both countries have a long way to go…

Mapping Climate Vulnerability and Poverty in Africa

The world’s climate is continuing to change at rates that are projected to be unprecedented in recent human history. The impacts of climate change are likely to be considerable in tropical regions. Developing countries are generally considered more …

Oyola and Wakesi in Kenya: Locals Adapting to Effects of Climate Change

Adaptation has become part of the discourse of global warming and is now widely recognized as a fundamental and necessary response to the threat posed by the climatic changes that will occur, or are already occurring due to past and present carbon e…

Climate Change Vulnerability and Women's Land Rights: The Case of Arua District

Climate change presents one of the most challenging threats to sustainable development for all categories of individuals and communities. In respect to gender, women and girls constitute one of the most vulnerable categories of populations. However,…

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