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The Global Goal for Adaptation Under the Paris Agreement: Putting Ideas into Action

Sub-Saharan Africa, is recognized by the fifth assessment report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as the African region that is most vulnerable to drought and the impacts of climate change. Within the report, it is pred…

Perception of Climate Change in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

The research shows that the majority of Nigerians within the Niger Delta have very poor knowledge of the causes and effects of climate change. This therefore calls on all levels of government in Nigeria to vigorously pursue, public enlightenment on …

Labor Adaptation to Climate Variability in Eastern Africa

"As countries design climate change adaptation policies, it is important to understand how workers alter behavior in response to changes in temperature. Nonetheless, the impact of temperature on labor markets is poorly documented, especially in Afr…

Seed Systems and Climate Change: Exploring Perceptions and Options for Building Resilience of Farmer Seed Systems in Uganda

"Given the challenges facing agriculture resulting from climate change, building resilience is a priority. Seed systems are an important area for enhancing such resilience as seed security has direct links to food security, and resilient livelihoods…

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