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Policy and Institutional Arrangements for Managing Risk for Crop Production and Post-Harvest Handling in Disaster-Prone Areas of Zimbabwe

Agriculture in Zimbabwe is now predominantly driven by smallholder farmers. 90% of the farming land is in the hands of smallholder farmers practicing mixed crops and livestock production systems.The predominance of rain-fed crop production makes the…

Institutional Arrangements and Policy Environment for Managing Climatic Risk for Crop Production and Post-Harvest Handling in Climate Disaster Prone Areas Synthesis Report

The report presents a synthesis of national studies from Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe to determine the institutional arrangements and policy environment for institutional arrangements for managing climatic risk for crop production a…

Using Climate Information to Achieve Long Term Development Objectives in Zambia

Governments, civil society, the private sector, governments, civil society and individuals in Africa are making critical investment decisions about the near-term development of their nations and localities. The impacts of climate change can determin…

Accelerating Adaptation in Africa: Insights from African Adaptation Experts

Africa’s climate is already changing: average land temperatures have increased by more than 1°C since pre-industrial times, sea levels are rising and extreme weather events, such as storms and droughts, are more frequent. Further climate change is i…

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