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The Impact of Climate Change in Africa

"This paper is concerned with the fact that African nations are among the lightest polluters, yet analysts say they will suffer the most from climate change in their pursuit of water and food security, sustainable development, and political and econ…

Bridging Climate Information Gaps to Strengthen Capacities for Climate Informed Decision-making: Climate Information and Needs Assessment Report: Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and Tunisia

The impact of climate change in African countries has been widely acknowledged. Africa has made considerable efforts over the past decade in the development of regional and national strategies and institutions aimed at supporting African countries…

Proceedings of the Regional Climate Change Dialogue and Training Workshop for Policymakers and Scientist

The Regional Climate Change Dialogue and Training Workshop provided an avenue for sharing experiences and lessons drawn from the different countries relating to climate change. The overall goal of the regional workshop was to bring different partner…

How to Contribute Climate Change Information to Wikipedia

This publication shares guidance and tips on how to edit Wikipedia. It is intended for researchers, practitioners, communicators and any others with access to climate change information who would like to share it more widely with the world. Wikipedi…

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