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Climate Change and Gender in South Sudan

Climate change poses global risks. These risks adversely affect women in developing countries because of their little capacity to adapt. Previous studies show that women are more vulnerable to climate change than men for a variety of reasons, inc...

FONERWA Climate Risk Screening Tool

Agriculture is one of the main economic activities for the people of Rwanda, contributing over 30% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and provides employment to about 72% of the working population. Agricultural activities also ensure food secu...

Overcoming the barriers to Climate Change Adaptation

As adaptation moves from theory to practice, there is growing recognition that barriers may make it difficult for individuals, businesses and governments to plan and implement adaptation actions. These involve a variety of issues, especially for l...

Using Climate Information to Achieve long-term Development Objectives for African Ports

Within this policy brief the focus is on port infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa. It investigates the climate change risks, the use of climate services in decision-making and makes recommendations for actions to enhance the resilience of port in...

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