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A Local Vision of Climate Adaptation : Participatory Urban Planning in Mozambique

"With an estimated population of 1.1 million, Maputo is the most densely populated city in Mozambique. The city is sharply divided into two areas: ’the cement city’, or the old colonial centre with paved roads and high-rise buildings, and the bair...

Farmers' Perception of Climate Change Governance and Adaptation: Constraints in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

"This study appraises the perception and understanding of Niger Delta farmers of role of national governments in climate change governance in Nigeria. It also examines grassroots communities' perception of constraints to adaptation to changing cl...

Participation and Planning for Climate Change: Lessons from an Experimental Project in Maputo, Mozambique

In this project it was demonstrated that local residents in Chamanculo C, and perhaps Maputo more broadly, could be responsive to a participatory planning culture. It is essential to give each citizen a voice in order to develop the potential of l...

Budgeting for NDC Action: Initial lessons from four Climate-Vulnerable Countries

This Working Paper addresses the following question: are climate change-related expenditures starting to appear in national budgets to secure the early implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)? It examines the eviden...

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