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ELCI-ACTS Greening the Fishery Economy Project A Pilot Study Report on Sustainable Utilization of Biomass Energy Among the Fisher Folk of L Victoria Beaches, Kenya

"Lake Victoria has over decades been identified as a major fresh water lake and main source of fish for East African countries. Over 30 million livelihoods across the entire lake stretch depend on the lake’s existence for their survival. In Kenya, o…

Energy and the World Summit on Sustainable Development: What Next?

"Given the importance of energy issues to sustainable development, energy was a priority issue at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in August 2002. The objective of this paper is to examine the outcomes of the Summit on energy, and to as…

Compendium of Case Studies on Natural Resources and Energy in Africa

Africa is a continent of widespread reserves of natural resources (oil, minerals, forests, water and farmland), which can support its economic transformation. Paradoxically, rather than contributing to shared growth and development, rich deposits of…

Energy Poverty in Zambia

Of the estimated 3.01 million households in Zambia, in 2015, only 35.8% and 16.1% utilised clean energy fuels for their lighting and cooking services respectively. Usage and access to clean energy is essential for economic growth, human development …

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