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After Five Years, Challenges Facing MINUSMA Persist

The situation in Mali continues to evolve and is making MINUSMA’s task further challenging. Civilians in northern and central Mali continue to suffer from protection issues. In fact, since June 2018, at least 287 civilians have been killed by extrem…

UNAMID Police and the Protection of Civilians in Darfur

This Policy Brief reflects on the strategies for the protection of Civilians (PoC) of the UNAMID Police, as well as some of the challenges hindering their effective implementation in Darfur. It argues that for PoC to be successful, UNAMID Police sh…

Understanding the Imperative of a People-Centered Constitution in South Sudan

As South Sudanese warring parties are set, albeit be grudgingly, to embark on implementing the peace agreement they signed in August 2015, a sense of cautious optimism is being expressed, and rightly so. Since it broke out in mid-December 2013, th…

The NATO Intervention in Libya: Implications for the Protection of Civilians and the AU’s Pan Africanist Agenda

"This policy brief explores external intervention in Libya within the context of civilian protection and its application. It further discusses the intervention and its implications on Gaddafi’s quest to champion African unity. The paper argues that…

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