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Madagascar: Stumbling at the First Hurdle?

"Events in Madagascar after the disputed first round of the presidential election held on 16 December 2001 have taken many by surprise. This paper gives a detailed account of the order of events and explains their significance. The role played by th…

Mozambique: A lasting peace?

"Mozambique is perhaps the most successful state in the region in terms of its recent economic progress.Yet as one makes one's way from the airport to downtown Maputo, one is immediately struck by the image of two opposed worlds collapsed into one.…

Congo Brazzaville The Deep End of the Pool

"A rebel takeover of Kinshasa or the withdrawal of Angolan soldiers from the country are merely two instances of circumstances that would have a direct influence on the situation in the Congo. A third possibility, of course, would be a negotiated se…

Troubling Times ahead: Election Scenarios for the DRC

Many observers have welcomed the August announcement that President Joseph Kabila will not be contesting the national elections scheduled for December in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). By stepping aside Kabila has averted a constitutional c…

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