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Mineral Resources and Conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo A Case of Ecological Fallacy

"Civil wars inflict considerable costs on countries which may be trapped in vicious cycles of violence. To avoid these adverse events, scholars have attempted to identify the roots of civil wars. Valuable minerals have been listed among the main dri…

The Institutionalisation of Mediation Support within the ECOWAS Commission

"The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission established the Mediation Facilitation Division (MFD) in June 2015 to backstop mediation efforts undertaken by its mediation organs, member states, non-state actors and joint initia…

Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 28 No.2 March-April 2016

"The articles submitted for this issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin interrogate and explore many of the contradictions alluded to earlier in the fusion of peace-building, humanitarianism and developmental interventions. The article by Jens Pederse…

Economic And Social Policies Of Dynamic Southeast Asian Countries: How Applicable are They To Ghana and Africa?

"This paper discusses some of the successful social and economic policies . adopted by the dynamic Southeast Asian countries that could be applied to the Ghanaian and African contexts. The analysis focuses on five main dynamic ASEAN countries: In…

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