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South African Youth Patriotic, Optimistic about National Cohesion, but Low on Civic Engagement

"South Africa celebrates Youth Day every June 16 to commemorate the students who lost their lives during the Soweto Uprising in 1976. An estimated 3,000-10,000 students marched to protest the apartheid government’s directive to make Afrikaans a comp…

After 50 Years, Freedom of Association is Firmly Established , Though far from Absolute, in Africa

"Fifty years ago today, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly enshrined a freedom that we had probably treasured ever since our evolution into social animals – the right to assemble and associate freely. All African countries except South Sudan a…

An Institutional Account of Public Service Reforms: A Case Study of Civic Engagement in Water and Sanitation in Tanzania#

This brief snapshot key findings from an explanatory qualitative case study that examined the role of civic engagement (CE) in the evolving systems for providing water and sanitation (WATSAN) services in Tanzania. This issue is timely because after …

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