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China’s Path to Sustainable Economic Development Through Democracy and Peaceful Coexistence: Any Lessons for Africa?

"This paper is based on a trip made to China by African delegates from nine African countries, the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (Codesria), the African Union(AU) and inter-region economic network institutions. The…

China-Africa Co-operation: Capacity Building and Social Responsibility of Investments

"The increasingly visible Chinese economic presence in Africa has led to analyses that run the gamut from highly laudatory, ie, considering Chinese investments as a contribution to African development, to strongly critical, ie, considering them as …

Learning by Doing: China-Africa Co-operation and State Learning

"The view that ‘Africa should learn from China’s development’ has been expressed throughout Africa, from the chairperson of the AU through senior government officials to analysts, scholars and ordinary citizens. China’s 40-fold increase in GDP and…

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