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Socioeconomic factors affecting Childhood Mortality in Ethiopia: An Instrumental Variable Approach

The main causes of death in most early childhood mortality are diseases which are preventable and curable. This is the reason why childhood mortality is treated as a development issue rather than a simple health problem. Ethiopia is among the places…

Dynamics of Wasting and Underweight in Ethiopian Children

In Ethiopia, 9.7 percent of rural and 28.7 percent of small-town children are wasted and underweight, and under nutrition is responsible for a large percentage of childhood deaths. We use two waves of panel data, from the 2012 and 2014 Ethiopia Soci…

Socio Economic Factors of Early Childhood Mortality in Ethiopia : Evidence from Demographic and Health Survey

The rates of childhood mortality are important summary indicators of social development, quality of life, overall health, maternal health and welfare. Childhood deaths are primarily caused by preventable and communicable diseases and poor coverage o…

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