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Assessing Levels and Determinants of Child Deprivation in Eastern and Southern Africa

"Progress in addressing inequities in child health and wellbeing in Africa has partly been curtailed by lack of proper indicators to measure and monitor progress in reducing the vulnerability of children. Child wellbeing has mostly been identified a…

Social Protection : Targeting the Most Vulnerable Children The Case Study of Tanzania

This research reported on the targeting approaches used in social protection interventions for the livelihood of the most vulnerable children. Intervention organizations mainly adopted three types of targeting approaches : 1) the community-based app…

Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 28 No.1 January-February 2016

In ‘Countering violent extremism: Challenges in policy and practice’ the Horn of Africa has witnessed its share of attacks by movements designated as terrorists. The rising incidence of these attacks, the endurance of the Al Shabaab in Somalia and t…

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